Metro Studies


As a primary outreach arm of the Masters program in public administration, the Center for Metropolitan Studies facilitates activities through a wide array of applied projects, practical research, and lectures that utilize our students' talents and energies as the means of implementation.  We are currently engaged in three fundamental areas of activities.
They include:

  • metropolitan/regional governance and government projects in the United States
  • projects with a federal and national perspective
  • projects with an international focus 

Metropolitan/Regional Initiatives

The metropolitan region has emerged as the most important arena in which decisions need to be made that address public policy issues facing urban America. For instance, there are 35 communities sharing a common border with the city of Pittsburgh that are coming together through the CONNECT project to address major issues in public transportation and urban infrastructure. The Center for Metropolitan Studies and its students are staffing this initiative. The Center is also developing The National Database of Innovations in Regional Governance, which highlights innovations in regional governance and metropolitan-wide decision-making currently being undertaken by regions throughout the United States and North America.

Federal/National Initiatives

In addition to the nation-wide regional innovation database noted above, the Center for Metropolitan Studies also connects to a wide variety agencies and departments in Washington DC.  This connection is made possible through our facilities located in DC.  The Center for Metropolitan Studies also hosts two annual lectures involving national speakers. They include the Wherret Lecture on Local Government and the Iris Marion Young Lecture on Civic Engagement.

All of the Center for Metropolitan Studies initiatives discussed above can be found under current Center Projects and Lecture pages.


Center for Metropolitan Studies
3803 Wesley W. Posvar Hall, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15260

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